As well as connectors, Amphenol manufacture a wide range of competitively priced and technically differentiated accessories such as backshell adaptors and cable fixings.

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Amphenol manufacture a wide range of caps and accessories including backshells and cable adaptors as well as cable and pipe management fixings.

A wide variety of backshells and adaptors are available for both circular and rectangular connectors and qualified to AS85049 or M85049/ specification.  Backshells provide strain relief, EMI/RFI shielding and environmental sealing and are screwed onto the rear accessory thread of the connector.  Available in many different designs such as straight, 45 and 90 degree, we are also able to offer competitively priced tailored solutions.  Backshells can be supplied in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Composite or Titanium and plated in a number of RoHS compliant finishes.  Amphenol Ltd are one of a select few suppliers able to offer Black Zinc Nickel plated backshells and adaptors.

Amphenol Ltd are able to cross-refer and offer alternatives to backshells from Polamco, Tyco, TE, Sunbank, Electro-Adapter, Glenair and Mil-spec part numbers.  Either use the cross-reference tool at or give us a call and we'll generate alternate part numbers for you.

If you're starting from scratch, click here to view our guide to selecting the appropriate backshell. 

Designed to secure, guide and manage cable harnesses through aircraft and vehicles, Amphenol’s pipe and cable clamp system attachments are engineered with strength, stability and weight reduction in mind. Our cable and pipe supports are rugged – able to withstand high vibration and shock, and non-conductive/non-corrosive – able to withstand many harsh environments.  

Details of EMI/RFI and environmental sealing caps are generally provided in the catalogue of the relevant product series.  E.g. for details of caps for Mil-C-26482 connectors see our 62GB catalogue.


Circular Backshells D-sub D-type rectangular connector mil spec d-type - Straight and right-angle backshells and adaptors for heatshrink boots 
- Commercial/Industrial or Military Specification EMI Backshells
- QPL listed to AS85049 also known as M85049
- Backshells for Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-5015 and many more
- Click here for more information on our circular backshells


D-Type Backshells

dtype d-type backshell emi rfi backshell d-sub d-subminiature - D-subminiature (D-type) connector backshells
- Metallised EMI/RFI or Plastic housings
- Sealed against water ingress
- Wide range of options including Military specification for overmoulding
- Click here to view our D-Subminiature catalogue


Micro-D Backshells micro-d backshell emi backshell - EMI and strain relief backshells for Mil-DTl-83513 Micro-D connectors
- Straight, 45 degree and 90 degree options
-  For 9 to 100-position connectors
-  Various plating finishes available for military and industrial applications
 - Click here to view the Micro-D Backshell datasheet


Pipe Clamps pipe clamps military aircraft defence vehicle applications - Thermoplastic clamp sets for pipes 4mm to 32mm diameter
- For Aeronautic and Defence applications
- ABS, JN0413, PAN 4231 series pipe clamps
- Custom and off- the-shelf arrangements available 
 - Click here to view the Pipe Clamps Catalogue


Cable Clamps

cable clamps fixings aircraft military vehicle defense mil spec

- P-clamps and Omega clamps widely used in Industrial and Mil-Aero applications
- Lightweight, non-corrosive, non-conductive and durable
- One-piece design, two-shot moulding with soft fluorosilicone cushion
- Resistant to vibration and shock
- Click here to view the Cable Clamps Datasheet


Caps HDAS board level connector rectangular high density aerospace - EMI/RFI and environmental sealing caps
- To suit almost every connector series offered by Amphenol
- Metal and polymer caps
- Caps for Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-C-26482, Rhino 38999, Terrapin, 62GB
- View cap assembly data in the catalogue of your chosen connector series