Black Zinc Nickel

Black Zinc Nickel is being widely adopted as an RoHS compliant replacement for Cadmium plating on Military connectors and accessories.

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Amphenol Ltd is pleased to offer a new RoHS compliant plating alternative to Cadmium. Black Zinc Nickel plating is now available on a wide variety of connectors and accessories including Mil-DTL-38999 and proprietary
Mil-C-26482 ranges of connectors. This conductive and nonreflective black finish is approved for 500hrs salt spray endurance and is fast becoming the new Defence Industry standard. 

Until recently, Cadmium plating has been the industry preference for Aeronautical and Defence applications, widely selected for its environmental and electrical performance.  However, the latest ecological and sustainability regulations now seek to reduce or eliminate the use of Cadmium.  In response to market demands, Amphenol Ltd has designed and installed a new processing line at its Whitstable, UK facility to enable plating with Black Zinc Nickel; a conductive and environmentally sound surface treatment. The salt spray performance of Black Zinc Nickel plating makes it an excellent choice for applications in highly demanding environments.

 Electrically, the conductivity of Black Zinc Nickel plating ensures shell-to-shell continuity of less than 2.5mΩ and less than 5mΩ after 500hrs salt spray chamber time. This superior electrical performance ensures high levels of EMC screening can be maintained within sensitive systems in demanding situations.

Amphenol Ltd has tested its Black Zinc Nickel plating to show no significant galvanic reaction when mated to alternatively plated legacy product such as Cadmium, Zinc Cobalt or Electroless Nickel.

Plating Facility

Amphenol Ltd has been plating connectors and interconnect components at its manufacturing site in Whitstable, Kent for over 40 years.  Expanding on its vast experience and knowledge of materials and plating finishes, Amphenol Ltd has recently invested in a new Black Zinc Nickel plating line, set up in accordance with best practices meeting environmental legislation and providing superior quality plated parts.

Amphenol Ltd has the capability to plate connectors and components of various base materials including Aluminium, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. The extensive variety of plating finishes carried out on-site at Amphenol Ltd includes Black Zinc Nickel, Cadmium, Zinc Cobalt, Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Tin, Silver, Black Silver and Gold. A full and diverse range of application methods are offered including jigged parts and rotating and vibrating barrelling of parts, as well as selective surface plating.

Test Facility

Amphenol Ltd benefits from an on-site test house with facilities including a salt spray testing chamber to carry out testing in accordance with EIA-364-26 up to 2000hrs. This test house facility has specialist equipment capable of carrying out a broad selection of test procedures including mechanical, electrical, electronic and environmental, as well as facilities for plating solution analysis and plating examination.

Design Engineering Team

Amphenol Ltd’s innovative design team is on hand to provide product knowledge and advice in selecting the most appropriate plating finish for a particular application. With an in-house Chemistry department equipped with a wealth of detailed and plating specific experience, Amphenol Ltd is confident in offering the right solution for all application requirements.

Quality Department

Amphenol Ltd’s experienced quality team has access to the latest state-of-the-art analytical technology including x-ray fluorescence equipment for the determination of plated metal thickness and zinc alloy analysis, an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The quality team is also responsible for optimising process control within the plating department and maximising effi ciency. Amphenol Ltd has a commitment to quality and environmental responsibility throughout all aspects of the business.


BSEN9100:200(3) (AS9100), ISO9001:2008, DESC Mil-C-790, Mil Test House (MIL STD 202/1344).

Typical Applications

• Next Generation Harsh Environment Vehicles
• Electric Drive Vehicles
• Aerospace
• Communications Equipment
• Mass Transit
• Automotive
• Power Generation
• Metering Equipment