Customer Safe Use Information (REACH)

A number of products that Amphenol Ltd supply are cadmium plated, and hence contain more than 0.1% by weight cadmium. Customer Safe Use information for these products is contained below.


Company: Amphenol Ltd

Contact: Kay Roberts - Compliance Manager,


Name CAS number EC Number SVHC Decision Number

Cadmium 7440-43-9 231-152-8 ED/69/2013


The use of cadmium as a plating finish has been much reduced over the years, but it still has an important role in high reliability safety critical applications.

The main route of entry into the body is via inhalation of dust or vapour, followed by ingestion. If it corrodes, cadmium forms a white crystalline cadmium salt deposit on the surface of the plating and this can represent an exposure risk if not handled properly.

Handling Instructions

It is recommended that cadmium plated articles should not be overheated (for example welded), machined, abraded or grinded… by the end user.

If it is necessary to handle products with corroded cadmium plating then suitable personal equipment like gloves and respiratory protection should be worn and care taken to minimise the corrosion products becoming airborne.

For more information please refer to Cadmium SDS.

October 2017