Miniature Connectors

Amphenol offers a wide variety of interconnect products which meet current and future trends towards a reduction in connector size and weight. As well as many other capabilities, Amphenol offer miniature sealed connectors, filtered connectors, lightweight connectors and blind-mate connectors.

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Through innovations in design and material science, Amphenol offers a broad range of circular and rectangular miniature connectors to suit requirements for small physical form and high density interconnect. Amphenol offers miniature products with excellent electrical characteristics designed to transmit the latest high speed data protocols and offer the best possible performance solution even in high vibration or blind mate conditions. 

Amphenol's engineering expertise enable us to fully exploit the benefits of different shell materials, for example Aluminium and Composite materials are used for their strength:weight ratio, Brass for its ruggedness and Aluminium Bronze for its corrosion resistance in marine applications. A variety of different contact designs and termination methods are available dependent on the product application and environment, these include closed face, Winchester slot, twist pin and tradition split tine contacts. Utilising equipment at the forefront of technology Amphenol can also provide connectors fully populated with pre-tinned contacts ready for loading straight onto PCB boards thus offering increased reliability and time saving. 

Most product series are available "off-the-shelf" from our broad range of distribution partners. 

Alternatively our experienced engineering team can support customisation through additional filtering, hermetic sealing, cable harnessing, flex assembly, or design of complete integrated system solutions. Each product series also has an extensive range of options and accessories detailed in the full product catalogue.

Using Amphenol's range of miniature interconnect products allows designer to optimise the size and weight of equipments whilst retaining the highest levels of system functionality and signal integrity.  Amphenol manufacture a wide range fo radio and headset connectors.



Terrapin Terrapin Miniature Connector - Communication systems
- Miniature circular interconnect with push-pull or locking mating style
- IP68, waterproof, sealed mated and unmated
- From 7 to 37 contacts
- Click here to download the Terrapin Catalogue


Micro-USB     Terrapin

- USB protocol systems
- Miniature circular interconnect with push-pull or locking mating style
- IP68 sealed waterproof USB connector
- Standard Micro-USB interface
- Click here to download the Micro-USB Terrapin Datasheet


62GB 10-76 Planform 62GB-10-76 Connector - Designed for military ground and harsh industrial applications
- Recognised industry standard Mil-C-26482 product
- High density planform extensively used in UK "Bowman" Project
- 6 size 22AWG and 7 size 20AWG contacts in size 10 shell
- Click here to download the 62GB 10-76 Catalogue


HD38999 High Density 38999 - Designed for high reliability aerospace and defence applications
- 30-50% higher contact density than Mil-DTL-38999 of equivalent size
- Many components common to Mil-DTL-38999
- From 9 to 187 contacts
- Click here to download the HD38999 Catalogue



- Harsh Environment high speed 10Gb Ethernet Connectors
- IP68 sealing mated and unmated
- Four individually screened pairs suitable for Cat. 6A
- Testing based on Mil-DTL-38999 series III
- Click here to download the µcom Catalogue


2M Micro Miniature 2M Miniature Connector - Designed for high reliability aerospace and defence applications
- Broad product family with various mating styles
- Greater than 70% weight saving compared to Mil-DTL-38999
- From 3 to 130 contacts
- Click here to download the 2M Catalogue


Nexus Mini-TAC Nexus Mini-TAC - Designed for radios and rugged communications systems
- Miniaturised M55116-type TAC connectors
- Sprung loaded, self cleaning contacts
- From 6 to 10 contacts
- Click here to download the Nexus Mini-TAC Catalogue


Luminus Luminus Connector - Designed for commercial aerospace applications including aircraft lighting
- Easy, secure mating mechanism resistant  to high vibration
- Tough polyamide housing and standard Mil-C-39029 contacts
- From 1 to 9 contacts
- Click here to download the Luminus Catalogue


HD SIM Rectangular HD SIM ractangular connector - Designed for commercial and military aviation applications
- Modular lightweight interconnect with push-pull  mating and blindmate
- Fully compatible with EN4165 SIM Modules
- 30 size 23AWG contacts
- Click here to download the HD SIM Rectangular Catalogue


Micro-D Micro D Connector - Designed for military, aerospace, medical and space applications
- Rectangular interconnect with reduced space and weight
- Meets and exceeds M83513 requirements
- From 9 to 152 contacts
- Click here to download the Micro-D Catalogue