Power Connectors

Amphenol employs the latest technology advancements in order to offer a wide selection of both circular and rectangular high power connectors which suit the increased need for power carrying capability, safety and RoHS requirements.

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Amphenol offers power interconnection products spanning all markets and environments designed to meet the highest specifications and offer the best possible performance solution even in high current, high voltage, high vibration or blind mate conditions.

Amphenol’s engineering expertise enables us to fully exploit the benefits of different housing materials, for example Aluminium and Composites are used for their strength : weight ratio and Stainless Steel or Aluminium Bronze for their corrosion resistance. Different contact designs and termination methods are utilised dependant on the product application and environment. These include specialist low resistance, low temperature rise, RADSOK contacts with hyperbolic geometry which provide a robust and reliable connection even in high vibration conditions.

Amphenol also provides connectors fully populated with contacts ready for termination directly onto a Busbar or PCB thus offering increased reliability and time saving.

Most product series are available “off the shelf” from our broad range of distribution partners. Alternatively, our experienced engineering team can support customisation through additional filtering, hermetic sealing, cable harnessing, flex assembly or design of complete integrated system solutions. Each product series also has an extensive range of options and accessories detailed in the full product catalogue.

Using Amphenol’s range of COTS/MOTS power interconnect products allows designers to optimise the size and weight of equipments even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

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Rhino 38999 Rhino Mating Pair Black Zinc Nickel - Designed for military and harsh environment vehicles, aircraft and intelligence base stations
- RoHS compliant single pole high power connector
- IP68 mated and IP2X touch proof
- Current; 100-1000A, Voltage; 630V
- Click here to download the Rhino 38999 Datasheet


38999 Power - Designed for military and industrial applications
- Standard 38999 connectors with size 04 and 08 AWG
- Crimp and BusBar termination
- IP67
- Current; 60-125A
- Click here to download the 38999 Power Catalogue


D38999 PowerSafe Power Safe Connector - Designed for military and industrial applications
- Derived from Mil-DTL-38999 III with a first-to-mate earth contact linked to the shell
- First-to-break pilot contact to enable hot swapping
- Safety standards DIN EN-61984 (VDE 0627)
- Current; 7.5-60A, Voltage; 250-500V
- Click here to download the D38999 PowerSafe Catalogue


Vortex Three Vortex Connectors - Designed for industrial applications including wind turbine power generation
- IP2X touch proof
- Crimp and BusBar termination
- Current; 800A, Voltage; 470/600V
- Click here to download the Vortex Catalogue


BusBar Busbar - Designed for high power distribution within equipment and enclosures
- Both flexible and rigid BusBars
- Flexible BusBars to reduce space required inside the box
- Machine capability for customisation
- Click here to download the BusBar Catalogue


Cool Power Cool Power - Designed for power supply, distribution and control for board to board, panel-mount and rack-mount connection
- Rectangular and D-Sub profiles
- Low temperature rise, low contact resistence, low voltage drop RADSOK or CoolBand contacts
- Current; Up to 60A
- Click here to download the Cool Power


Mil-C-5015 VG95234 Mil-C-5015 mating pair - Designed for power generation, off-road vehicles and industrial machinery
- Circular reverse bayonet power connector
- Crimp or solder terminations
- Current; Up to 250A
- Click here to download the MIL-C-5015 catalogue


EV Series EV Connector - Designed for convenient charging of electric vehicles and home charging systems
- Military 5015 reverse bayonet style connector with RADSOK contacts
- IP2X touch proof
- Current; 120-500A
- Click here to download the EV Series catalogue


Ergon Mating pair - Designed for Industrial applications such as Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
- Ergonomic plastic housing
- IP68 mated and IP2X touch proof
- Current; Up to 350A
- Click here to download the ErgoN' Datasheet