Amphenol Ltd has been designing and manufacturing interconnect products for 53 years. With our extensive knowledge and capabilities, and our product portfolio, we are world leaders in the supply of interconnect solutions into the Military and Aerospace Industry.

Products include Circular Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-C-26482, 62GB, Mil-C-5015 Mil-C-83723 Rectangular, Rack and Panel and PCB mounted product, Fiber Optic multimode and single mode solutions, Hermetically Sealed connectors, Filter connectors to name but a few. The range extends to unrivalled levels through the integration of products from all other Amphenol operations around the world, which can be accessed via the local team in the UK. The added service of integrating the Amphenol product range and assembling into bespoke packaged solutions makes the choice to work with Amphenol the only choice you will need to make for your total interconnect needs.

Our team in the UK can provide engineering support and design services to ensure our customers’ own products have the best, most comprehensive and most appropriate interconnect available in the world. Whether it’s a passenger aircraft, a military vehicle, satellites or submarines, if it’s connected by Amphenol, you can be confident of its performance.

The broad portfolio of high technology products across the Military and Aerospace markets can be viewed here: