Rectangular Connectors

Amphenol offer a wide range of rectangular format connectors for Military and Industrial applications from miniature Micro-D connectors to complex Filtered Arinc 600 connectors designed for civil airframe applications.

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Amphenol’s rectangular interconnect options range from the standard D-subs or D-types to literally thousands of multi-pin standard and custom configurations manufactured to the highest quality standards. Whether connecting on the front or back panel, or from wire-to-board or board- to-board, Amphenol rectangular connectors address a wide range of device needs. 

In addition to the wide variety of connector styles on offer, Amphenol also have the technological ability to offer EMI filtered rectangular connectors and hermetically sealed rectangular connectors.

An extensive range of environmental and RFI backshells and adaptors are available for the below connector ranges, further details of which are shown in the relevant catalogues.

Rectangular connectors for military and commercial applications are available directly from Amphenol or offered "off the shelf" from our distribution partner network. 



D-Sub D-sub D-type rectangular connector mil spec d-type - Waterproof, SMT, press-fit, Hybrid, Flat ribbon and Dual-port
- Commercial/Industrial or Military Specification D-types
- Mil-DTL-24308 approved and QPL listed
- Click here to download the Mil-DTL-24308 D-Subminiature Catalogue
- Click here to download the Commercial D-Subminiature Catalogue



miniature micro-d d-type dtype dsub subminiature - Designed for military, aerospace, medical and space applications
- Rectangular interconnect with reduced space and weight
- Meets and exceeds Mil-DTL-83513 requirements
- High Density contact arrangements up to 152-ways
- Click here to download the Micro-D Catalogue


SIM sim connector mono module rectangular airlb amphenol - Modular multi-contact rectangular connector to EN 4165 spec
- Metal or composite shells, shielded or unshielded
- Widely used in avionic and in-flight entertainment applications
- Wide range of contact options including fibre optic
 - Click here to download the SIM Catalogue


Arinc filtered arinc aircraft avionic rectangular - Rack and Panel connectors for Aircraft Applications 
- Filtered Arinc 485 series also available
- Arinc 404 spec meets Mil-C-81659
- Click here to download the Arinc 404 Catalogue
- Click here to download the Arinc 600 Catalogue



rectangular c146 heavymate connector heavy duty industrial

- Heavy duty rectangular connections for industrial environments
- From 3 to 280 contacts in one housing
- Typically used for heavy plant equipment and factory automation
-  Wide range of backshells and accessories to suit
- Click here to download the Heavymate C146 Catalogue


HDAS HDAS board level connector rectangular high density aerospace - Monolithic High Density Board level connector exceeding Mil-DTL-55302
- Widely used for civil and military avionics applications
- Starclip technology contacts
- Cost effective contact technology
- Click here to download the HDAS Catalogue


HiLinX hilinx hi linx li links connector amphenol socapex board level rectangular modular - Modular high density PCB connector
- Allows designers to combine signal, power, fibre optic, and coax into one connector
- Fully compliant to Mil-DTL-55302
- Individual stackable modules bonded by stainless steel skirts
- Click here to download the HiLinX Catalogue