C4I & Body worn

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In today's rapidly transforming armed forces, the soldier continues to play a central role in operational scenarios. Their mission spectrum is often complex with capabilities enabling high mobility operations in difficult and unfamiliar terrains.

Advanced interconnect technologies make a major contribution to improving the main capabilities of modern warfare – protection, lethality, command and control as well as mobility and sustainment. Amphenol’s goal is to help in the achievement of a protected soldier, equipped with connected functionality, with a clear picture of the tactical situation and a reliable means of communication. The aim is to improve performance in all five capability areas without overburdening the individual soldier.

Our expertise

In response to the evolving market requirements for Soldier Systems, Amphenol has been at the forefront of SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) connector development. This has been an ongoing design engineering process from the early 2000s and nearly 20 years later Amphenol offers some of the smallest and most lightweight connectors in the market.

Today, through innovations in design and material science, Amphenol offers a broad range of miniature connectors to suit requirements for small physical form and high-density interconnect. They have excellent electrical characteristics designed to transmit the latest high-speed data protocols and offer the best possible performance solution even in high vibration or blind mate conditions.

Amphenol’s engineering expertise enables us to fully exploit the benefits of different shell materials, for example Aluminium and Composite materials are used for their strength: weight ratio, Brass for its ruggedness and Marine Bronze for its corrosion resistance in marine applications.

C4I & Body worn

Using Amphenol’s range of miniature interconnect products allows designers to optimise the size and weight of body worn equipment while retaining the highest levels of system functionality and signal integrity.