MRO & Complex Assembly


Amphenol is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-performance interconnect systems for military, commercial and industrial applications.  Amphenol offers an extensive global portfolio of interconnect solutions for demanding and harsh environments which includes value added services.

Amphenol Ltd has an extensive design and manufacturing facility with the capability to offer customers added value services from cable systems to complete box build.  Amphenol offers these services via its vertically integrated facility, design, and prototyping cell and through commercially competitive partnerships with other Amphenol business units located in lower cost geographies such as Estonia, India, China and Mexico.

Amphenol UK Capabilities Include:

·         Applications Engineering Team with extensive industry and interconnect knowledge.

·         Full end to end design service.

·         Proposal drawings and wiring schematics.

·         3D CAD modelling.

·         High resolution 3D printing facilities.

·         High speed data modelling, simulation, and .analysis.

·         PCB and flex design and build.

·         Fabrication and box build.

·         Temperature controlled clean room.

·         Toolroom for tool design and manufacture.

·         High pressure over-moulding machines.

·         Test-house facility

·         Automated cut, strip, and crimping.

·         KANBAN, stocking, and logistics support.

·         Automated in process testing and certification.

Amphenol Ltd has an unrivalled pedigree and wealth of experience being one of the first UK companies to offer military over-moulded cable assemblies. Examples of previous projects include; Jumper assemblies for train carriages, complex flex assemblies for aero-engine management systems and over-moulded headset cables.



Connector Accessories Connector Accessories backshell endbell adaptor screen termination - Full range of environmentally sealed & EMC screened backshells and cable strain relief adaptors
- Extensive selection of metal, plastic and rubber protective caps for sealing and EMC protection
- Dummy receptacles for stowage of bayonet and threaded coupling connectors


Customised Connector Assemblies

Customised Connector Assemblies filtered hermetic - Additional filter protection and transient suppression
- Connectors and accessories with tailored geometry
- Specialist materials including Aluminium Bronze, Composite, Titanium and Stainless Steel


Cable Looms Wiring looms - Design and manufacture of wiring and woven looms
- Interconnection with active webbing
- Databus assemblies


Boot and Backshell Harnessing boot backshell cable harness assembly connector adaptor - Design, development, build to print & prototyping facility
- Harness assembly drawings & wiring schematics
- Domestic & low cost offshore manufacturing facilities


Overmoulded Harnessing

Overmoulded cable assemblies

- Ruggedised for increased reliability and tamper proofing
- Custom overmoulding designs to suit specific applications
- Potential cost savings over conventional boot & backshell harnessing


Power Harnessing and Assemblies Power Cable Harnesses - High power cable harnesses to carry up to 1000A
- IP2X safety features
- Connector to busbar & flexible busbar assemblies


Connector to Flexi Assemblies Connector Flexi Assemblies - Flexible and flex-rigid assembly design and build
- Specialist interconnect to join multiple flex assemblies together
- Single side, double side and multi-layer assemblies


Electro Mechanical Assemblies Electro mechanical assemblies - Design and manufacture of  distribution & junction boxes
- Design and manufacture of digital control & display boxes
- Supply of ruggedised switches and routing equipment