The largest range of MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III connectors  

Key features
  • QPL approved
  • Extensive range of insert arrangements
  • Operating temperatures: -65°C to +200°C
  • Manufactured from Aluminium alloy with RoHS compliant Black Zinc-Nickel and Electroless Nickel plating finishes or Cadmium Olive Drab plating as standard; also available with Zinc Cobalt Olive Drab plating
  • Stainless Steel, Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Titanium and Composite versions are also available
  • Completely mates and self-locks in a 360° turn of the coupling nut for quick coupling
  • Available with integrated backshells
  • Military Vehicles
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Turret Systems
  • Batteries, Generators and Engines
Technical informations
Technical informations

Shell material:




Marine Bronze

Stainless Steel


Olive Drab Cadmium plating

Nickel plating

Black Zinc Nickel plating

Passivation (for hermetic versions)

Other plating: Zinc Cobalt shell sizes from 09 to 25


More than 60 arrangements of contacts, including high density versions

Size 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22D contacts

Signal, power, twinax, coaxial, quadrax contacts, optical termini

Contact protection:

100% scoop-proof shell

Interfacial seal ensures sealing around each contact and prevents electrolytic erosion

EMI/RFI protection:

Shell to shell bottoming

Grounding fingers on the plug shell

Receptacles are intermountable with MIL-DTL-38999 series I standard (same panel cut-outs)

Different material options are available: TV (Titanium Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Marine Bronze) as well as CTV (Composite which offer a lightweight, corrosion resistant connector with the same high performance features as its metal counterpart).


Mil-DTL-38999 Catalogue

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